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Pattingham Village Hall

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1.   All applications to hire the Hall must be made on the Official Booking Form. The precise nature of the function must be stated.


2.   The Hirer must ensure functions are carried out without disorderliness and that all breakages and damage must be reported and the full cost of repair and replacement will be charged to the Hirer.


3.   The Hirer must ensure that persons leave the Hall in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb persons living near to the Hall.


4.   The moving of heavy furniture and fittings is the responsibility of the Hirer who must ensure they are returned to their original positions.


5.   The Village Hall Management Committee accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to personal property left in the Hall, and the parking of vehicles in the Hall Car Parks is entirely at the vehicle owners’ risk.


6.   The Hall is licensed for music, singing and dancing and the performance of stage plays as follows:


          Mondays to Fridays inclusive - 10.00 am to 1.00 am (next day)  


          Saturday 10.00 am to 11.45 pm


7.   Whilst there are some exceptions, the legal requirements regarding copyright in respect of live and recorded music apply generally. The Hirer must therefore undertake to provide, within a reasonable time after the function, such details concerning the performance of music as may be required by the Village Hall Management Committee, and if such details are not provided all future bookings will be refused.


8.   Special conditions apply in respect of Stage and Film performances, and in certain instances a licence from the Local Authority may be required. The acceptance of bookings for such performances is conditional upon any special requirements being complied with.


9.   The selling of intoxicants in the Village Hail is not permitted except under the following conditions:-


             a) For private parties the bar must be provided by The Crown Inn, Pattingham


             b) For events run by charities at which all profit from the event goes to charity, the                              event organisers may be allowed to run the bar themselves by arrangement with                              the Designated Premises Supervisor.


In either case see separate sheet for details.


10.  Generally the Hall may not be hired for the holding of functions the profits from which are for personal gain. The Village Hall Management Committee may, however, at their discretion waive this provision in certain circumstances.


11.  The Hirer must not allow more than 220 persons seated or 150 dancing and dining in the Hail.


12.  The Hirer is responsible for any liability not covered by the Hall’s insurance, and is specifically responsible for the safety of any children on the premises. Children are not allowed on the stage without adult supervision.


13.  The Hirer must not fix any fittings or advertisements either inside or outside the Hall without the Village Hall Management Committee’s consent


14.  The Hall may not be hired for teenage discos except for residents of the parish, and then only provided that an adult signs the Booking Form and one adult for every ten teenagers are in attendance.


15. The Village Hail Management Committee reserves the right to refuse bookings.


16. The Hirer must comply with the conditions of the current Community Premises Entertainment Licence as already outlined on this Booking Form.


17.  All electrical wiring and fittings shall be maintained in a safe manner. If electrical equipment is to be brought in to the Hall, a current electrical test certificate must accompany the Booking Form.


18.  Hirers are responsible to ensure that no smoking takes place anywhere within the premises.

For clarification or to query any of these terms please contact the Booking Secretary, Click Here for contact details.

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